Monitoring and Evaluation should not only be a crucial component of all of our initiatives but it should be what guides all of our interventions and be the basis for all of the work we do. M&E goes far beyond meeting our funding or donor requirements and it is what allows us to assess the work that we do and the impact we have on our intended beneficiaries. It is what allows us to constantly improve our work and gives us the tools to identify how to best work to achieve our vision as an organization.

In our daily lives as social organizations, monitoring and evaluation activities are often seen as a weight we are looking to unload and avoid at all costs. They are too many times implemented with the sole purpose of meeting the demands and requirements of our donors and funding sources. For small organizations, the challenges of doing meaningful monitoring and evaluation can sometimes seem unsurmountable and an added burden on our already overworked staff and overcrowded agendas.

However, as a crucial component of successful project and programme implementation, and vital to reaching our goals and objectives as organizations, monitoring and evaluation cannot be put aside or left out of our work. And the most efficient way is precisely mainstreaming it into everything we do. M&E should be incorporated throughout the entire project cycle, seen a cross-cutting issue, instead of a phase in our projects or programmes. Doing so will allow us to integrate it into our work, taking it from an added chore to a necessary, useful and crucial component of all of our initiatives.