Case Studies

Below you will find a series of Case Studies based on the experiences of organizations with participatory M&E. They are stories of success, of challenges, of learning, of innovative practices,  stories of change that can serve as examples of what can be accomplished when we work creatively to involve those we serve in everything that we do, including our M&E. We hope you find their experiences and work as inspiring as we do!

Integrate UK

Integrate UK is an organization that works towards equality and integration by supporting young people with their learning. They involve young people in all of their work, including their decision-making and monitoring and evaluation.

Women’s Resource Center of Armenia

The main objective of the WRCA is to give women necessary tools to become active members of society through various types of teaching, training, and support. The WRCA work ethic is based on a democratic structure where women make decisions and run the organization collectively.

COINCIDIR (in Spanish)

COINCIDIR is an organization in Guatemala that works For and With children and young people. With innovative and creative strategies, they are involving their beneficiaries, volunteers, and staff in all processes of the organization, including their monitoring and evaluation work. For them, an M&E done without the participation of those they serve is an incomplete M&E.

Melel Xojobal (in Spanish)

Melel Xojobal is an organization in Mexico that works for the defense, promotion, and exercise of the rights of indigenous children and young people, in particular, those marginalized and at risk of social exclusion. At the center of their work is the recognition of children and young people as rights holders and thus consider their active participation in their work as crucial to its success.