Meaningful use of data

The purpose of our monitoring and evaluation work and systems is to help guide and improve our everyday work and to help us in achieving our goals. Fulfilling the requirements of our donors is a crucial part of our M&E, but it is only ONE of its components. The ultimate goal of our M&E is to provide a learning experience for our organization that allows us to improve continually our work. The information that is collected through our monitoring work and analyzed through our evaluation initiatives is worthless if we don’t use it to help guide our work. Monitoring and evaluation work that is done merely to fulfill the requirements of our donors is a missed learning opportunity for our staff and organizations.

Below are some resources to help you in making sure you are making a meaningful use of the data you are collecting through your monitoring and evaluation to strengthen and improve your work and organization.


Big data monitoring and evaluation – United Nationals Global Pulse 

Introduction to monitoring and evaluation: Using the logical framework approach – Umhlaba Development Services

Monitoring and evaluation of health systems strengthening – WHO


Cocoa Action guide de suivi et évaluation – World Cocoa Foundation

Guide pratique de S&E des projets – IFAD


Monitoreo y evaluación y estrategias nacionales de salud – WHO