The idea for this Community of Knowledge was born from a collaboration between Stars Foundation and IWORDS Global to provide capacity building to the awardees of the With and For Girls Award. Based on a needs assessment of the organizations that won the award in its 2015, 2016 and 2017 edition, the issue of Monitoring and Evaluation was identified as one of great interest for most of the organizations. Based on this, and as part of the capacity building component of their award, Stars Foundation asked IWORDS Global to provide support and assistance to the organization on M&E in the form of webinars on particular concepts and areas of M&E as well as on the exchange of experiences on the matter.

In addition, we thought it necessary to create this Community of Knowledge, where the different organizations, as well as anyone interested in the matter, could have available to them different resources to help them strengthen their monitoring and evaluation work. Thus, we have created this blog where you will be able to find information, documentation and resources on M&E. In addition, you will be able to find recordings of the webinars held, as well as the presentations made, case studies of the experiences shared and more.

Our main goal is for organizations to see the true value of monitoring and evaluation for their work; to break down the misconception that it’s merely something that needs to be done to fulfil donor requirements. We place special emphasis on the meaningful use of the information collected through our M&E processes to guide our interventions and help us improve our work as we go along.

We hope that you find this Community of Knowledge useful and that it helps you in strengthening and giving value to the work you and your organization do on monitoring and evaluation.